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Who is Muhammad?

Who is Muhammad?


This book is being published in response to a recent showing of an insulting movie on the Internet against the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him. In spite of his humble circumstances as a poor orphan, Muhammad was sent by God as His final Messenger to humanity. His prophetic career of little more than two decades changed the face of world history. He called the peoples of the world to the worship of the One God, “Lord of all beings.” He laid the foundations of the richest and most universal civilization in human history. Islamic civilization grew out of the Prophet Muhammad's universal call to the faith in the One God (tawhid), and the brotherhood of all believers in Him. The Prophet of Islam perfected the same message which was preached by earlier prophets of God, such as Abraham, the spiritual ancestor of all monotheists and physical father of Muslims and Jews, and Moses and Jesus, on whom may there be peace.


Paperback - 750 pages

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