The Political and Moral Vision of Islam - Hardcover

The Political and Moral Vision of Islam - Hardcover


Dr. Syed Hussain Mohammad Jafri has earned Ph.D. degrees from the University of Lucknow and the University of London. He has taught at the University of Malaysia, the Australian National University and was the founding Director of the Pakistan Study Centre from 1982-1998 at the University of Karachi. At present, Dr. Jafri is the Professor and Chair of Islamic/Pakistan Studies at the Aga Khan University.

Other than his many books and articles published in national and international journals, he has contributed to The Encyclopedia of Islam, Leiden; The Encyclopedia of World Religions, U.S.A.; Al-Munjid, Beirut; and was co-editor of Hamdard Islamicus. He has served a number of important national and international academic and cultural organizations including Islam and the West International as Vice-Chairman from 1979-1984. 






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