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Saving Monotheism in the Sands of Karbala - Softcover

Saving Monotheism in the Sands of Karbala - Softcover


In this new edition of the classic Husain, the Savior of Islam, the reader gains a thorough understanding of the events that led to the tragedy that took place on Ashura (the tenth day) of the month of Muharram.

Using verses from the Qur’an and quotations from Muslim and non-Muslim writers, the author provides historical context and insight into this event that known as ‘the great sacrifice’ in a battle of truth against injustice. 

An excellent read for those unfamiliar with the history of Karbala as well as a great refresher for those already familiar with the history of the events of Ashura. The work also offers explanations for the ritual practices of generations of Muslims, particularly the Shia  commemorations of the death of Hussain. 


Author - SV Mir Ahmed Ali

Paperback - 254 pages

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