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Perspectives on Islamic Faith and History

Perspectives on Islamic Faith and History


Islam is both a monotheistic religion and a holistic one — its system of inter-related beliefs is linked to the observance of ritual practices. In addition to bringing its adherents closer to Allah, Islam also promotes secular responsibilities toward the environment and fellow human beings, whether believers or non-believers. The 25 essays assembled here — the majority from conference proceedings or regional magazines, sources not readily accessible to potential readers — are meant to give readers a more complete perspective on Islam. The pieces discuss topics like Islam's advocacy of social justice and human dignity and the key traits and contributions of its most prominent historical leaders. Divided into sections like Insights from the Holy Qur’an, Religious Observances, and Civic Society, Perspectives on Islamic Faith and History is perfect for anyone hoping to gain a deeper understanding of Islam


Author - Dr. Bashir A. Datoo

Paperback - 135 pages

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