Million Qur'an Project

At the conclusion of Ramadan in 2021, We at Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an began an initiative to distribute 1,000,000 copies of the Holy Qur'an over the course of the following year. We were inspired by the essence of the Holy month, its status as the one in which the Divine Scripture was revealed.  It is a Book containing messages of guidance and inspiration, for whose propagation countless Prophets, such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (Peace be upon them) struggled endlessly.

Through this project, we hope to spread the Qur'an to countless individuals, such as government officials and other leaders, families, and places of worship, such as churches, temples, and synagogues.

The Holy Qur'an should be accessible. For this reason, we publish and distribute it in a wide variety of translations, including English, French, Spanish, and Gujarati. We also cater to the needs of various communities, such as students and inmates. 

With your help, we can help the Holy Qur'an reach countless more people than before. Join us on this journey. Our reward lies with the Almighty.

Thank you.

Goal: 1,000,000 Qur'ans

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